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Conquering Fear of the Exam Hall

January 12, 2019

Suffering from an intense feeling of fear and uncertainty at the sheer thought of an important exam is perfectly normal. Many people undergo a level of worry, but the intensity of anxiety can vary from case to case.


Generally speaking, these feelings of anxiety can lead to two general outcomes. In the first case, students use the fear of the exam to make them study harder, to listen and ask more questions in class and to find helpful resources themselves. This outcome is an excellent way to combat any mild feelings of anxiety. The student is utilising the pressure to their advantage.


However, for some students, the fear is too high. It can lead to a great number of unfortunate outcomes that can have life long consequences. Students may choose to ignore their academic problems; decide that if they do not try, they cannot fail. Alternatively, students can act up in and out of class. Either way, the outcome is usually unfortunate.





There are a considerable number of resources available to help, and stop anxiety from crippling the individual in question.


One excellent example is the charity Anxiety the UK; they offer many services and resources to assist. They recently published a booklet on exam anxiety. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you can find it by clicking HERE.


Thurston & Jones tutors are specialists in exam preparation, in organisational skills and in overcoming mental barriers. We want to help. If you feel like an hour or two of extra attention, in an informal setting is best for your son or daughter please contact us at enquiries@educatinglondonders.co.uk.






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